Paleo Recipes for Modern Day Cavemen

Cauliflower Rice

Happy New Year! I love fresh starts –  everyone seems more refreshed, recharged and ready to take on new things.

My husband and I were so positively impacted by the paleo diet when our CrossFit initiated a food challenge last year. We jokingly said we should do one with our friends/family who weren’t into CrossFit because everyone wants to eat better but needs more motivation. Even though many thought we were crazy while we were doing the paleo challenge for 7 weeks, when we mentioned the idea of a friends/family version – people were so excited to try it themselves!! All they needed was a simple boost.

We ended up getting 35 friends and family to do a food challenge with us. So for the next 45 days, I’ll be even more focused on creative paleo recipes as we do the challenge with them. Coming up with tasty recipes was the hardest part about paleo, at least for me. Here’s one simple dish I cooked for my family last week. Growing up in an Asian household – rice is a staple. My mom still thinks we’re crazy to give up grains but she did agree that plain cauliflower was a ‘decent’ alternative to rice. Not necessarily a compliment but I’ll take that from her!

1 head cauliflower

Trim and chop cauliflower to a rice-like consistency (I just used a large kitchen knife – you can also use a blender to finely chop it as well).

Once you have coarsely chopped the cauliflower, you can microwave for 5 minutes. You don’t need water because there’s enough moisture in the cauliflower. If you are anti-microwave you can steam it for about 10 minutes (or until desired texture).

This is a very plain dish but a great way to get a vegetable in and substitute for a rice texture.  You can get really creative with this dish by adding onions, garlic, seasonings, etc. I’ll make sure to post more flavorful recipes of this as I cook with it. For now, I end up making this with anything full of sauces since cauliflower ends up soaking it up. In this picture I ate it with my beef and eggplant lasagna and sauteed brussel sprouts. My 10 month old niece loved to eat the plain cauliflower – surprisingly!

Let me know what other flavors you try adding to the cauliflower rice!

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4 thoughts on “Cauliflower Rice

  1. Nikki on said:

    I can’t WAIT to try this 🙂 I absolutely love rice, and cauliflower…thanks.

    • Yinh on said:

      Thanks Nikki! It’s so simple to make and GREAT substitute. I made a curry the other day and would have been perfect with this!

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  3. I STRONGLY I greatly like paleo diet… Ive been on it for 6
    months and have noticed such great positive changes.
    … I strongly recommend this toanyone I began off by watching this youtube vid
    for oustanding recipes!!!

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