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This is one of the most amazing fruits of all time but not many people have tried it or even heard about it. In the first six months of the year, you should see this fruit pop up in your farmer’s market or grocery store.

I find that cherimoya is the most finicky fruit. When eaten too early, it’s unpalatable. When eaten too ripe, it’s too sour and tastes rotten. You have to get the timing juuuuuust right. So when is the right time? Think of it like an avocado – it isn’t ripe when it’s too hard to the touch. It should give when you apply gentle pressure but make sure you eat it that day because when it’s too soft to the touch – it will be nearly too late!

But when you get the timing right – it’s a taste of heaven. Imagine a starburst of sweet and tangy but with the texture of the most amazing creme brulee or flan. It is one of the most spectacular fruits I have ever had and also serves as a fantastic paleo dessert. And I can even feed it to my 9 month old son without any preparation since it’s soft enough for him too.

Try it!


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